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With reference projects in several countries where ESD floor coverings have been refurbished with both Dr. Schutz ESD Transparent Base and ESD Color Base (on various floor coverings and in various surroundings), and with an excellent track record over many years, we at Dr. Schutz know what you need when it comes to your ESD Floors.

Close collaborations with ESD measurement companies, ESD labs and ESD audit institutes have made the Dr. Schutz products range the most durable ESD coatings in the world.

All products fulfill the requirements of the DIN EN 61430-5-1 and ANSI 20.20 norms as well as the requirements for explosion prevention areas according to TRBS 2153 and maintain these characteristics through the whole lifetime of the product.

With a 2 year warranty and a product lifetime expectancy between 3 and 10 years, Dr. Schutz has created a product which will keep your ESD floors forever conductive and good looking.

If your ESD floor has lost its shine and your wish is to restore it to its original state while preserving its conductivity, then ESD Transparent base is the answer. This transparent PU based sealer will make scratches disappear and make the floor budget friendly to maintain.

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Up to 1.000 square meters per day can be recoated by our Dr. Schutz trained installation teams anywhere in the world. This renewal of your ESD floors can be done without stopping production! Our ESD coatings are not toxic, in fact Dr. Schutz was the first company in Europe to receive the EU’s coveted Eco Audit Certificate for its product range.

If your ESD floor looks dull and deep scratches as well as stubborn stains cover the floor, if conductivity is not at the required level and if the whole surface has lost its color, then ESD Color Base is the answer. This sealer will make your floor regain its color and shine while upgrading its conductivity and preserving it for years to come.

Contact us for a detailed technical solution, if you have a problem with your ESD floors, we will find a solution!

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  • Dust free implementation

  • No downtime in production, even larger areas can be re-coated in one day

  • Cost efficient compared to a new floor

  • Increased lifetime (up to 10 years)

  • Excellent conductive properties

  • High wear and tear resistance

  • High chemical resistance

Main Advantages

  • No downtime in production

    Even larger areas can be re-coated in one day

  • No after care

    No after care with polishes or waxes is required

  • Cost efficient

    Compared to a new floor