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Bonn, 11th June 2018

On 6th June 2018 the Dr. Schutz Group from Bonn won first place in the German Innovation Awards in the competition category »Excellence in Business to Business (B2B)« . The price was awarded for the company’s innovative „Floor Remake System“ in the area of »Materials & Surfaces«. A total of 88 companies were nominated in this category.

“This great form of recognition of the innovative strength of our enterprise fills us with joy and pride in our team’s performance in all areas of the Dr. Schutz Group. This particular nationwide award proves yet again that the themes of sustainability and saving resources, which the Dr. Schutz Group has followed intensively for years, are absolutely in the trend of our times“, said Dr. Lothar Schutz, proprietor and Managing Director of the group.

Floor Remake is a system for the sustainable renovation of PVC, linoleum, rubber, stone, epoxy and other hard floors. The system consists of PU Color and a transparent top coat (PU NEO) and functions in three steps: 1. The floor is sanded and strip-cleaned. 2. After it has dried, the floor is lacquered with PU Color. Numerous techniques make it possible to create an individual design. 3. Finally, the floor is protected long-term with PU NEO, the first transparent floor coating free of solvents and isocyanates world-wide.

»This system, which can be applied to practically all kinds of floor, is an attractive and at the same time economical alternative to tearing out old floors, followed by laying new ones«, explained the jury as the reason for their decision.

With the German Innovation Award the Design Council has closed a gap in the award landscape. They are looking for product innovations with impact. Many companies were nominated, among them industry giants, as well as hidden champions and start-ups. Prizes are awarded to innovations which show a sustainable effect. The German Innovation Award is not given to mere novelties, but rather to innovations which are proven to generate added value for the user.

The German Innovation Award is given in two competition classes : #1: Excellence in Business to Consumer and #2: Excellence in Business to Business. In a total of 40 categories the jury was able to confer the awards of Gold, Winner and Special Mention. The products varied from a bionic glove to cleaning technologies, fibres for 3D-printing, an e-vehicle charging station to an Internet-of-Things platform.

The assessment criteria of the German Innovation Award include themes like the level of innovation, application uses and economy. The innovation strategy should take into account aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability, as well as the use of energy and resources. Also factors such as the potential for locations and employment play a decisive role in the jury’s deliberations, along with longevity, market maturity, technical quality and function, materiality and synergy effects. A highly qualified jury decided on the winner – among them physicists, patent consultants, I.T. experts, financing specialists and product designers.

»That is how we guarantee an individual, neutral and professional assessment«, emphasized Professor Kupetz, the head of the jury.

“The German Innovation Award offers an invaluable platform for the direct exchange of ideas among leading, innovative enterprises in Germany“, Dr. Lothar Schutz was pleased to say, as he personally received the Gold Award last week in the capital city: “The Dr. Schutz Group sees in this a fantastic opportunity to continue networking in the B2B area and to support partners in the industry and services with the newest ideas in the renovation and refurbishment of floors. “

The German Innovation Award was initiated and is implemented by the Design Council, which was established by the German Parliament (Bundestag) in 1953 and was funded by the Federation of German Industry. For the past 65 years the Design Council has pursued the objective of supporting the competitiveness of German enterprises.

With its competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications it makes a decisive contribution to the transfer of knowledge all around the themes of design, innovation and brands. Over 300 enterprises, both domestic and foreign, currently belong to the funding circle of the Design Council, which provide jobs for more than three million employees.