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On May 28th 2019 the Dr. Schutz Group from Bonn was voted winner of the German Innovation Awards for its innovative ESD Floor System for the sustainable renovation of conductive floors in the competition category »Excellence in Business to Business (B2B)« in the area of »Materials & Surfaces«.

The company was thus among the winners out of a total of 695 submissions.

After the Gold Award in 2018 for the Floor Remake System, this is already the second award for innovation and sustainability in the product development of the Dr. Schutz Group.

“With this award the years of research and development work by the whole team has been rewarded; a result of which we are very proud. This clearly shows how important innovations are and that we are doing our work properly. We have been pursuing the principles of sustainability and preserving resources for years and now we have received recognition that we are absolutely in tune with the current trend,“ said Dr. Lothar Schutz, proprietor and Managing Director of the group.

The ESD Floor System is a technological development for the renovation of conductive floors, which does not necessitate tearing out the existing floor, thus avoiding long stoppage times for continuing industrial plants. Damaged, or no longer conductive floors are made functional again and at the same time protected long-term. The system consists of transparent and coloured permanent coatings and works in three stages: 1.The floor is sanded and strip-cleaned. 2. After drying, the surface is first treated with either a transparent or coloured ESD coating. 3. Finally the floor is protected long-term with ESD TOP COAT and the conductivity is preserved.

“Especially in sensitive industrial areas it is important that the ESD floor meets all the regulations over a long period. After applying our ESD protective coatings, industrial floors conform to international norms with regard to their conductive properties, are optimally protected against stains and mechanical abrasion and can again be easily and efficiently cleaned“, as Schutz described the product features of the ESD finishes.

Innovations which show a sustainable effect are awarded prizes. The German Innovation Award is not given to mere novelties, but for the sort of new products which are proven to have generated added value for the user.

About the German Innovation Award

The German Innovation Award is conferred in two competitive classes: #1: Excellence in Business to Consumer and #2: Excellence in Business to Business. From a total of 40 categories the jury can confer the awards of Gold, Winner and Special Mention. The products range from a bionic glove through cleaning technologies, fibres for 3D printing, a charging station for electric cars, coffee-lemonade, to a platform for the Internet of Things.

The assessment criteria of the German Innovation Award include themes such as the height of innovation, the benefit to users and economy. The innovative strategy should take account of aspects such as social, ecological and economic sustainability, as well as the consumption of energy and resources. A significant role in the judging process is also played by such factors as the potential of location and job creation, longevity, market maturity, technical quality and function, materiality and synergy effects. The winner was decided on by a top-flight jury, among whom were physicists, patent advisors, I.T. experts, financial specialists and product designers.

The German Innovation Award was initiated and implemented by the Council for Design, which was founded in 1953 by the German Parliament (Bundestag) and was funded by the Confederation of German Industry. For 65 years the foundation has pursued the objective of supporting the competitiveness of German companies.
With its competitions, exhibitions, conferences, seminars and publications it has made a decisive contribution to the transfer of knowledge about everything to do with the themes of design, innovation and brands. Currently over 300 German and international companies belong to the Funding Circle of the Council for Design, who employ a workforce of more than three million..