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Electrical discharges can cause substantial damage to electronic parts in production, which can lead to considerable resulting costs. Therefore modern factories are provided with conductive floors. ESD floors must be regularly tested for sufficient conductivity in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1:2016. In cases where the floor is no longer sufficiently conductive, conductivity is restored again with the Dr. Schutz ESD Floor System.

The problem:
Industrial floors before applying the conductive, protective coating from Dr. Schutz, have lost their conductive properties, are dull and heavily worn, with scratches and discolorations. Even daily cleaning cannot remove all residues any more.

The solution:
Industrial floors after application of the conductive, protective coating from Dr. Schutz comply again with the ESD norms regarding their conductive properties, are optimally protected against stains and mechanical abrasion and are once easier and more efficient to clean.